Valley of the Sun United Way 2015 Campaign Video Collage

Twenty #TBTs for Twenty Years!

20 Years of VSUW Campaign Videos and the Nature of Corporate Creativity By Randy Murray Anxious to Fail Twenty-five years ago, I left Desert Production Center, which was the largest production company in the southwest at the time, to form Randy Murray Productions with my wife, Theresa. Essentially, I became a virtual production company: a […]

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Young Boy at Computer

TBT to 2014 and Changing Campaign Strategies

Joe Arpaio & United Way – Where They Line Up By Randy Murray In 2014, the RMP team was working on our eighteenth campaign for United Way. At the same time, we were in the midst of releasing our feature documentary,┬áThe Joe Show. The interesting thing about this, for me, is that these two stories […]

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Boy Reading and Smiling

A Fresh Look – TBT to 2013!

Recycling and the Future of Video Storytelling By Randy Murray In 2012, the RMP team recommended that United Way save money by using the campaign video for two years instead of just one. Two years for a little more than the cost of one year? That is good math. United Way was thrilled to have […]

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Be The One

TBT to 2012 Teamwork!

When One is Better Than Many By Randy Murray The amazing thing about working in the production industry, in my opinion, also happens to be the most amazing thing about United Way… the power and magic of teamwork. Watching the 2012 United Way video reminds me of the fun – I mean the hard work! […]

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Little Girl

A Sleight of Hand – TBT to 2011

Enlightened Self Interest and Why Giving Today is Good for You in the Long Run By Randy Murray Twenty years of doing United Way videos has been a gift of insight and understanding into human nature and the human condition here in our community. By 2011, the RMP team had fifteen videos under our belt; […]

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