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RMP is fortunate to work with amazing talent, of all types. With a small full-time staff and a big roster of freelance artists – we keep overhead low and quality high. We are a small shop with a big reach.


Freelance Crew


We appreciate all of our hard-working freelancers! We work with an amazing group of talented professionals. We ask that each of them follow our Standards and Procedures, which can be found here.

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Our Directors

We work with some very talented Directors. One of them will be the perfect fit for your project - check out the demos and head over to our Vimeo page for more samples.

Randy Murray

Experienced and comfortable, Randy has the unique ability to deliver honesty and realism to narrative or interview-based projects. From complex blocking and visual effects to pacing and composition, he uses all the cinematic tools available to enhance every story he tells. Internationally celebrated, he has interviewed the most powerful and famous to the most vulnerable and innocent. You can see more samples of Randy's work here.

Andrew James Benson

Andrew's contemporary and beautiful take on storytelling is leveraged by his intellectual understanding of human behavior and reaction. With a style and humor that spans his casting choices, his direction on the set and design sensibilities result in a viewing experience that is as engaging and entertaining as it is effective and persuasive. A unique blend of talent and purpose makes Andrew an artist on the rise. You can see more samples of Andrew's work here.

Josh Kasselman

The stories that touch us the deepest are the stories we are able to escape into. A young filmmaker, Josh paints with blocking and pacing, subtlety and tension, dialog and eye contact. He brings his narrative sensibilities to every project he does, always putting storytelling first. You can see more samples of Josh's work here.

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